10 Best Sobriety Podcasts to Help You Quit Drinking

When the sobriety motivation starts to wane, having an arsenal of resources to support you can help you get through the tough moments without risking the progress you’ve already made. Podcasts are a free and simple tool that you can use to boost your motivation and stay focused on your recovery goals. I recently discovered ‘The Sobriety Diaries’ podcast, and its raw, honest stories of recovery from individuals who have lived through addiction. The podcast is passionate about people — both in recovery and seeking recovery — being free of the shame and the limitations that culture places upon them. Co-hosts Liv and Tiffany want to empower people to reclaim their identities and be proud of how they identify, the recovery they choose and their wellness goals. The Breaking Free podcast empowers listeners to reclaim their identity, their process of recovery and their wellness, so they can live a more fulfilled, free, and self-directed life.

Sober Company (aka Sober Co)

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The episodes aren’t so much instructive, as they are anecdotal takes on how individuals succeeded in changing their relationship with alcohol. For those that don’t know, Courtney Friel is a News Anchor in the States for KTLA News. I love that she uses her position to help bring light to sobriety and her podcasts are normally between her, celebrities and media personalities, where she has open and honest conversations with them about their sobriety. 2020 has been a fantastic year for the sober movement, with individual authors and content creators gaining traction in their own right.

  • With such a large community, as we move into 2021 I am sure that the Club Soda podcast will become one of the biggest and best around.
  • Through lively discussions based on lived experiences, research and experts in the field, the hosts unpack the ways recovery has been limited.
  • As addiction podcasts go, this one should be in standard rotation in your podcast app.
  • This podcast scores extra points for being so realistic and relatable, creating a marvelously safe and uplifting space for female listeners who are trying to quit drinking and still have fun.
  • Topics include understanding addiction, mental health, and the importance of self-care.

A better way to recovery, right in your pocket.

Sober podcasts can help give you a sense of belonging and community, especially if you don’t feel connected to sober people irl. Thankfully there are so many sober podcasts on the market in 2024, which is great for options, but can often lead to feeling overwhelmed when trying to find voices you feel connected to. Allow this guide to help you find the best podcasts to add to the queue.

  • The Busy Living Sober podcast is designed to support the broad ecosystem of people impacted by addiction ⁠— including friends, families and co-workers.
  • The Best Sobriety Podcasts from millions of podcasts available on the Goodpods platform and ranked by listens, ratings, comments, subscriptions and shares.
  • They also share advice from experts and other guests, as well as address questions from their listeners.
  • As the conversation around sobriety continues to evolve, new podcasts are emerging to offer fresh perspectives and support for those seeking recovery.

Best Podcasts for Sobriety and Addiction Recovery in 2024

In this fun no alcohol podcast Nate Kelly, a talented host, interviews individuals from all walks of life—from neighbors to celebrities—about their own journeys to stop drinking. Research has shown that connection is essential to overcoming addiction, and the best sobriety podcasts accept and acknowledge this as well. While it’s helpful Sober House and encouraging to listen to others share their stories or give advice, nothing can beat real human interaction, and the vital role of support groups and recovery programs. The best sobriety podcasts are the ones that recognize and are open about the fact that their show alone is not enough to get you past your addiction.

In a 2021 appearance on Dax Shepard’s podcast Armchair Expert, Kelly explained the reason for their lack of communication. “We’re just really different. She doesn’t understand me and I don’t understand her,” she said. Years later, Sharon admitted that she felt guilt over her daughter needing to relocate before she was ready. “She felt too that she didn’t want to grow up on camera,” Sharon said of Aimee during a 2018 episode of The Talk. According to Aimee, she lost the family discussions when her parents and siblings voted to do the show, so she moved out of the family home where filming took place for four seasons. “Back then, I still felt I was trying to figure out who I was in the chaos of family life, so why on earth would I want that portrayed on television?” Aimee told The Independent in 2015.

Sober Awkward

Tricia is also the co-founder of Sober by Southwest, a sober music event in Austin, Texas. He interviews a mix of celebrity guests and everyday people who have experienced addiction or felt the impact of drug or alcohol use. He focuses on living a positive, healthy and sober lifestyle, and uses his podcast as a platform for sharing inspiration with others who want to live the same way. The Hello Someday Podcast helps busy and successful women build a life they love without alcohol. Instead of focusing on you and how you can leverage your mindset to better quit drinking, this podcast is more the kind of sober entertainment you want to fill your life with as you work to stay on the recovery path.

podcasts about sobriety

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Meg and Bella are This Naked Mind Certified Coaches (plus nutritionists and counsellors respectively) who live in Sydney and love their alcohol free life. With a focus on health, wellness, and personal development, the hosts deliver valuable insights, inspirational stories, and practical advice to empower individuals seeking an alcohol-free life. Through engaging interviews with experts and individuals who have successfully embraced https://thechigacoguide.com/top-5-advantages-of-staying-in-a-sober-living-house/ sobriety, they provides a supportive and informative platform for those considering a life without alcohol. The genuine and encouraging approach to sobriety, coupled with evidence-based strategies, makes Alcohol Free Lifestyle a compelling alcohol podast for anyone exploring sobriety. The host’s calming voice, mindful approach, and interesting range of topics make How I Quit Alcohol one of the best sobriety podcasts on the market.

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